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What is Online Counselling?

Telephone counselling could either be by standard mobile or landline, WhatsApp or Skype, either using video or not (I can also offer WhatsApp or Zoom for video), whichever is your preference. Online counselling is also known as e-counselling or e-therapy and can also involve instant messenger (Skype or even WhatsApp) or email - all of these using Internet for connection.

Who is online counselling suitable for?
Online counselling is suitable for many people particularly those who:

  • Think they might have difficulty speaking about their problem face to face.
  • Think they might have difficulty attending face to face counselling around work or home commitments.
  • Have a disability or illness that prevents them from attending in person.
  • Work away from home or travel

    Who is online counselling not suitable for?
    Online counselling would not be suitable if you know that there is serious risk of severely harming yourself or others, feel actively suicidal or have a history of severe mental health condition. In this case I would advise you to contact either your local Doctor or Health Professional, the Samaritans 08457 90 90 90 or a local crisis centre in your area.

    How does online counselling work?
    We can start with telephone and change to video (or vice versa) if you prefer.
  • Instant messenger (e.g. Skype).
    Instant messenger means that our conversation with each other is written on computer, tablet or phone and what we write can instantly be seen by the other person. Our instant messaging session will be for 50 minutes each week using Skype or WhatsApp chat method. We will agree a day and time for the session which we will keep as your appointment each week.
  • Email
    Email means that when you send an email to me I will respond to you. We will agree a time each week when I send you my response. In order that I can respond to your email at that time, I will need to receive your email at least 48 hours before our planned response time.

    If you would like to proceed, please contact me and I will send you more information and a form for you to fill in to give me some details about you. These initial exchanges will not be charged for.

    What about confidentiality?
    I use a secure email account which has secure encrypted software, so that our emails remain entirely confidential. If you are not working from your own personal computer, tablet or phone or if other people have access to these devices, then confidentiality may be affected. It may be advisable for you to also use secure software and, if you decide to continue, we can discuss this further.

    What if there are technical problems during online counselling?
    I will contact you on an agreed telephone number should there be any technical problems and we will decide on the next course of action.

    How do I pay?
    Payment for online counselling can be made online with your credit or debit card through PayPal using the links below or through bank transfer. Payment will need to be processed before the start of each session and cancellations without 24 hours notice will be charged for.

    Fees are as follows:
    1 x 50 minute instant messenger session £40
    1 x email session £40
    Sessions bought in a block will be offered at a discount. Please make your selection using the drop down box below.

    Online session fees

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